Friday, October 19, 2007

Today we put the bars back on the windows of the old house. We had to take the bars off for the inspection. We told the lady that bought the house we would put them back on for her. I am so glad to be completely done with the old house. We paid off our credit cards. We have not been credit card debt free since we have been married. It is such a great feeling. We plan to buy flooring for our bedroom soon and some new tires for John. We have been so busy that we haven't got to go shopping for stuff for the house yet. Tomorrow I may go to garage sales in the morning if it doesn't rain. One of the neighborhoods near by is having a community yard sale. Also I plan on taking the boys to pick out a pumpkin. It should be a nice relaxing day. We may do a little work on the house.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Just a quick but happy note! We closed on the house around 5:30 today! I am so tired. I will write more soon. Thank you so much for all your prayers.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Doing better!

I just read my post below and realized how pathetic it sounded. I called John to talk to him. I have a wonderful husband. I told him I didn't want to be depressed all weekend. He was thinking the same thing. We have been through hard times together before. I love how we work together when things get tough. I am truly blessed.
I got all ready to go this morning. I was so ready to celebrate. Counting down the hours. John called me and told me it won't happen until Monday or Tuesday. The government won't issue a check on Fridays. So down payment assistance will issue it on Monday and have it couriered over. I am having a hard time with this. Please pray for me. I am at the end of my rope. I know it will still happen.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

closing date,speeding ticket,and religious stove

I haven't posted for so long. I have several little tidbits to share. First the best news. We are closing on our house Friday at 2:00. Praise the Lord. We are so happy. I will of course post when it is all done. Next on the list. I am a criminal. You heard me. I received my first speeding ticket.(after 20 years of driving I have to add) No I didn't cry. I wanted to when I saw the amount of the ticket. ($123.50) Apparently this is a reduced amount. Two miles more over the speed limit and it would have been over $200.00. Can you believe how expensive tickets are! My father in law says Seminole county needs money. They sure got some from me. Also I had to take a four hour course online to avoid getting points on my license. When they said four hours they meant it. I could have completed it in two. You are required to be on for four. At the beginning of the course it asks you all kinds of questions like did you graduate from high school, how many kids do you have,ect. It checks on you by asking these questions every so often. You have two minutes to answer the questions. So therefore you can't leave the computer. You can take breaks though and it saves your time. Thirty five dollars and four hours later I passed. I went down to pay the ticket today at the clerk of the courts office. When I got to the office there was no one else in line. I thought to myself this is nice. So I went up to one of the ladies behind the counter. She told me I had to get in line. She said stand by the sign until the next available person calls you. So I did.(I was totally amused at this point) And then a lady called me. Won't it have been easier for her to say go to the lady over there. After seeing the lady that called me I was sent back to the first lady to pay the ticket. I think this is just a fun game they like to play. Oh, I forgot to say they told me about a few famous people who had to come in and paid their tickets. Apparently Chris Rock was in today to pay his. Also some famous wrestler guy was there too. It was big doings at their office. Last but not least on my list of tidbits is that my stove is religious. I am not crazy it is. Today I went online to get an owner's manual. One of the settings it has is a "Sabbath setting". John asked does it push the buttons for you? No apparently that doesn't count as work. Actually you can set the program a head of time on another day. Still it won't carry the casserole to the oven for you:)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A little more waiting

We will not be closing on the 8th:( Instead it will be the 15th or at the latest the 17th. My realtor assures me it is a sure thing. She said down payment assistance has a big pile of requests. They send out as many checks they can one day. Then they have to wait two days for funds to send out a bunch more. So it all depends on where our buyers request is in the pile. Hopefully our buyers request is near the top. She has already qualified for it so it is just a matter of time. Please continue to pray for the closing. We are sooo thankful for all your prayers.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Silly Stuff

A while back John hurt his toe. The nail fell about a week ago. So last night we are in the car and John is trying to show it to me. Mind you I was driving. Here is John trying to shove his toe up in my face. He kept on saying you know you want to touch it. He was trying to rub his toe on my face. He can be such a dork at times. You gotta love him! I am just glad we didn't get pulled over for reckless driving.