Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Settler's of Catan addiction

If you have never played Settler's of Catan you have got to try it. It is only the best game ever! Almost every weekend you will find us around the table with friends and family playing "the game". O yes, it is that addictive. You can create your own game boards so that every game is different. We now take a picture of the different lay outs we have tried and the winner of the game. Lately that has been Gina my dear sweet sister in law. Only during the game she is ruthless. Of course that is how the game goes. The sweetest of people become DOCS. Devils of Catan that is. My husband (see picture above) will play even though he is sick. To him somethings are just worth it.Notice my husband in the other picture. This is the same game he must have been doing better at this point in the game. We have such a great time with John's brother Ben and his wife Gina.

Friday, January 27, 2006

the bird picture

I was trying to figure out how to add a picture to my post. The only one I had on my computer was this bird one which cracks me up. Now that I figured out how to add pictures I will put more on soon.
Well, I finally did it I switched from being a lurker to actually posting.Not to say I won't continue lurking. Lurking is in me. My dad and I would go to the mall when I was younger and just sit and watch people for hours. We would make up our own stories about them which were always very exciting. Now the pressure is on to make my life sound interesting. Just trying to come up with a name for the blog about drove me crazy. My husband wanted to name it tree climbers. Just to make this clear he is a tree climber not me! He doesn't have a bit of fat on him and can scoot up a tree like a monkey. I told him if he could some how hoist me up I would be glad to sit up there with him. I don't mind the height. It is the climbing that sounds like to much for me. He is a very clever person so I am sure he will figure out how to get me up there with him. It is great that he wants me right there by his side. Anyway, so back to the name of the blog. It was the first name that came to my mind so I went with it.


Hi out there!