Friday, July 28, 2006

It was so much fun to get out of the house on Thursday. Trish and I went to a bunch of thrift stores. I found a cute lamp and a old window to put pictures in. Thursday night John took me out for dinner and we went shopping. He bought me a new flower arrangement to go on the tv cabinet and he also got me some new light switch covers. I think I am done with decorating the living room for now. I really like how it turned out. We will be leaving on Monday for the cruise. I am so excited. I will take lots of pictures.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Living room pictures

A new look for the living room

Thursday night John watched Joy for me while I went to Walmart. I decided I wanted an accent wall in my living room to go with the butter yellow. I picked a color that was just few shades darker in the yellow tones. I also decided to paint my trunk that I use for a coffee table. When I got to the paint counter there was no one to help me. I asked two Walmart workers for help. They paged someone for the paint department. Nobody came. There was women who was waiting for help too. She picked up the phone at the paint desk and tried to get some help. Five calls later and a manager finally shows up. All of this took 30 minutes. When he arrived he was talking on his cell phone. Boy was my patience being tested. Finally he got off the phone. I told him I needed a quart of each color. They only had the brown I picked in the gallon size. Fortunately for him he only charged me the price of a quart for the gallon. I say fortunately for him because I might have had to hurt him if he didn't give me a good deal.
Friday morning I started painting the wall and I hated the color after all of that. So I used some yellow I had that also looked awful. At this point I was very discouraged. I decided to call John. I jokingly told him he was going to have a brown wall when he got home because I had tried all the colors I had. After the yellow,the other yellow, primer, trying to go back to the original butter yellow, I tried the brown and loved it. It is a very pretty pecan brown.
Saturday John cleaned his shed out. See miracles do occur. I went to the thrift store and found a new mirror for $5.00 to go over my tv.(I glued some shells on it) I also saw a coffee table I liked. I went home to measure my space to see how it would fit. When I went back to buy it ,it was sold. So, I convinced John to make me one. It looks sooo much better than the one in the thrift store and cost us nothing to make because we already had the wood. It has a nice cubby for my lap top,remote controls,and magazines. Kmart had rugs on sale for $10.00 so I bought a new rug to complete the look of the room. I love my new living room!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

John has been picking on me about all the painting. He is wondering what is next. I am just keeping myself entertained. I am definitely not a home body. I am counting down the days till the cruise. We leave on the 31st. I'm soo excited.! John has been home for the last two Saturdays and should be home this Saturday. He had been working overtime for six months(10-14 hour days and Saturdays). It is so nice to have him home. We have been total couch potatoes. I am going to work in the yard today. I need to add a few herbs to our herb garden and put a few grass plugs in. The grass is doing very well except for the spot that our dog Angel pees in and a few spots that don't get much sun. I also need to make some banana bread.
I found this light at a yard sale a while back for $4.00 isn't it pretty?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

What I have been up to

Things I have done lately:
painted the livingroom (butter yellow, it is real hard to see in the picture but it turned out real nice)
painted the bedroom (kind of like a flesh tone, also hard to see)
taking care of Joy (it takes six hours a day to feed her, you fill her feeding tube every ten minutes for two hours at a time)
planted flowers
booked a cruise on carnival we will be going July 31st-Aug.4th)
I will write more soon!