Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I have been keeping busy. Sunday night,Monday,and Tuesday I had Joy to take care of. Today I cleaned and did some shopping afterward. The traffic was crazy. I was so happy to get home. The problem with cleaning other peoples house is that I feel guilty if mine is not clean. So, usually when I get home I end up cleaning mine too. I have to say I always sleep real good after working hard. John is planning to camp out in the back yard tonight. He is smoking the turkey. The boys are going to sleep out there with him. I plan on climbing in my nice warm bed tonight at a reasonable hour. I warned John that on Friday we may need to get up real early and go to some of the sales. I shouldn't use the word need I guess. I really enjoy getting up and going to the sales. I know I am crazy. John said he would be fine. He is such a good sport. I am looking forward to tomorrow. I love Thanksgiving. We always have such a great time at John's parents house.

Monday, November 06, 2006

pictures from this weekend

The boys had a lot of fun at grandma and grandpa's house for Halloween. Christopher dressed up as a pirate and Michael dressed up as a prisoner. They had a great time trick or treating with Nathan. I think they have eaten most of their candy by now.
This weekend was very nice. Friday night we took Robin to the dance. When we picked her up she was all smiles and she gave me a hug. I asked why she was so happy. She said because work was done and she got paid. I told her that always makes me happy too. She cleans house for her sister. Robin is such a sweet heart and I really enjoy taking her to the dance.Saturday Darla and Henry stopped by it was nice to visit with them. Also on Saturday John and I cooked. I love to listen to music while we are cooking. I was dancing around to the song "I wanna dance" on the Shall we dance soundtrack. As I was dancing I had an egg in my hand which with one of my o so cool moves ended up cracking and sliding across the floor. Of course John will never let me live this down. The food did turn out great inspite of my dancing moves. We made potato salad, oatmeal raisin chocolate bars,lemon aid, and some nice sandwiches. We took our food to the park and had a picnic. I took some pictures of the boys playing lacrosse at the park and then showing off there muscles. Sunday we went to church and then relaxed for the afternoon. We went to Walmart and bought some more eighties music. A girl has to have music to cook by.