Monday, August 28, 2006

The Weekend

We had a full weekend. After redecorating lately, I decided I needed to sell some of my old stuff. So, we went to the flea market to sell. The boys went through their toys and got rid of a bunch they are to old for. It was sad to see some of the toys go. I can't believe how fast time goes by. The boys had a fun time selling their stuff. They made $100.00. Which they promptly spent. They had the cute factor going at the flea market. We noticed that some things would not sell at our table but if we put it on theirs it would sell. So John and I ended up doing pretty well with the help of the boys. After being in the hot sun we came home and jumped in the pool. It felt fabulous. Sunday we went to church and Sunday afternoon we relaxed. All in all it was a nice weekend.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The bank found my driver's license!!

Can I charge the bank?

After today I am seriously thinking about switching banks. While going through the drive thru to deposit a check and get some cash back they lost my driver's license. I realize there is human error but this is not the first time. So far they have given my license to someone else(luckily the guy returned it),deposited money in the wrong account, not given me enough money back in the drive thru,and now lost my license. The day they gave my license to someone else they wrote a note for me to carry around just in case I was stopped by a police officer until the license was returned. I can just see me pulling out my note for the officer! Back to today's drama. I had two deposits to make and I wanted cash back so I put my license in the tube with the deposit slip and the checks. When the tube came back I counted the cash and looked for my license before I even pulled away. I promptly pushed the call button and let her know I didn't have my license. I then sent the tube back. She looked a little and said she didn't have it. Then a lady from the bank came out and helped me search my car. Nothing! So I am still waiting to here from the bank. I just wish I could charge them for their mistakes like they charge us if we make a mistake. I did receive and apology from the bank about the other incidents but cash would have been nicer.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

John and I

While looking through pictures of the cruise on my computer I came across this picture. I didn't know that John had put it on the computer. It is one of my favorite pictures of John and I when we were first married.

Mexico pictures and John relaxing on the ship

When we were in Mexico we went to a private beach. They had a nice fruit buffet.Instead of regular seats around the table they had swings.

Mexico pictures

We went horse back riding along the beach. It was wonderful!

More ship pictures

more Keys pictures

The Florida Keys

When we were in the Keys we rented a little electric car. We visited the beah,went to the Pirate museum, and visited a grave yard. The grave the boys are standing by was a lady who was a hypocondriac. The grave read "I told you I was sick".

the cabin

Life on the ship