Sunday, November 02, 2008

John's money saving tip

We stayed home today from church so John could rest. He had yesterday off but spent most of the time fixing the hot tub. It is nice to have it up and working again. It has been a couple months since John has had a Sat. off. This morning while John and I were sitting on the porch drinking coffee Chris came out. I noticed that his pants are getting to short again. I told Chris we needed to get him new pants soon. John said we could do that or just get him better underwear:) This is John's money saving tip. Embrace the new style let your underwear show.


Anonymous said...

Chris, your Grandma Clark thinks your father has a great idea. It is inexpensive and just imagine how popular you would be!!!!

Darla said...

I like John's idea but you moved
from that side of town too late tell him. New pants not better underwear.