Wednesday, November 05, 2008


If you know my teenage boys you know which one this tee shirt belongs to. In the words of Darla "give me strength." When they were little and would not sleep at night I use to say God made them cute so you don't kill them. Now I say to them you are going to meet Jesus today if you keep it up. To which they reply in a smart tone that they already know Him. Why did I teach them how to talk!


Darla said...

And how many Come to Jesus meetings do you have with the boys a week? What is with the male species? Give us Strength

Anonymous said...

Just remember that they are my sweet, darling grandsons. Give 'em a break! Love Ya, Mom

PS I know you will remind me of what I just said when Rebecca is a teen-ager so I'm just bracing myself for the wonderful years ahead.